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Welcome to the Enrollment / Election Department


We have over 700 members that do not have current addresses.

If you know anyone on the 'Where are You? List, please have them contact us. All Address corrections must be submitted in writing. We cannot change addresses over the phone.

If the Yurok Tribe sends out any information, they will only go to people that have an updated address. Update your address with us as soon as possible after you move.

ID Cards can be obtained at the Klamath Office. You can also have your photo taken at the Weitchpec or Eureka Office and your ID Card will be mailed to you. You can also click on the ID Cards Form and mail or email your photo and information to us.



The Election Board on October 17, 2016, certified the election of the following people:



Mindy Marie Natt                 4    (100.00%) 


Laura A. Borden                    50   (24.63%)

Joseph L. James                   153 (75.37%)



Lana M. McCovey              163 (69.66%)

Sarah M. Smoker                71   (30.34%)

There were no challenges in any of the Council positions for the Primary Election.
No Run-Off Election will be held.

2016 Election Schedule

If you have questions, please call (707) 482-1350



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