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Program Manager

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Harvest Management Division

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Senior Fisheries Biologist

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Lower Klamath Division

Monica Hiner
Senior Fisheries Biologist

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Trinity River Division

Tim Hayden
Senior Fisheries Biologist

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Klamath River Division

Mike Belchik
Senior Biologist

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Yurok Tribe
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Klamath River Division

The Klamath River Division of the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program provides scientific and technical support to the Yurok Tribe in its efforts to bring about large-scale restoration of Klamath River and its anadromous fish species. We provide this support by participating in technical and policy forums that affect the Klamath River and by conducting research related to water management in the Klamath River basin. Our recent efforts have focused on providing science and tecnhical input for the Klamath dam removal and restoration agreements. We are also involved with reviewing and providing input to the Bureau of Reclamation's flow regulation of the mainstem Klamath River. We continue to monitor the water and fisheries situation on the Shasta and Scott Rivers.

The Klamath River Division also conducts inovative fisheries and ecological research. Our research focuses on the ecology, fish biology, disease dynamics, and restoration of the mainstem Klamath River and selective tributaries. We make extensive use of state-of-the-art biotelemetry in order to determine the migration behavior of fish species important to the Yurok Tribe such as Chinook salmon, coho salmon, green sturgeon, and Pacific lamprey. Current research projects and activities include water temperature monitoring, salmonid use of thermal refuges, invertebrate food availability, adult Chinook migration behavior, green sturgeon biotelemetry, Pacific lamprey migration, adult Chinook disease pathogen monitoring, juvenile salmonid disease pathogen incidence, fish disease host (polycahetes) ecology, and spawner and redd surveys. Our research team is dedicated to providing scientific research of the highest quality using cutting edge technology and techniques. Our goal is to conduct, publish, and apply the best avialable science to inform management decisions and restoration activities. For a list of published reports see the "reports and publications" link above.

Our team consists of Senior Biologist Michael Belchik, Lead Biologist Josh Strange, Biologist Barry McCovey Jr., Senior Technician Jamie Holt, Technician Rocky Erickson, and Technician Troy Fletcher Jr. Senior Biologist Michael Belchik focuses on management, restoration planning, and policy implementation while Josh Strange leads the research efforts. For more information contact Mike Belchik at 530.625.4130 ext.1617 mbelchik@yuroktribe.nsn.us, or Josh Strange at 530.625.4130 ext. 1602.


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