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Senior Fisheries Biologist

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Trinity River Division

Tim Hayden
Senior Fisheries Biologist

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Trinity River Division

    The Trinity River Division of the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program is committed to the restoration of the Trinity River and its fish and water resources. As partners in the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP), we participate on both policy and technical tasks and strive to implement the best available science to inform and evaluate restoration success. The Trinity River Division works cooperatively with both state and federal resource agencies and other Native American tribes in the Trinity River basin. Although we specialize in Trinity River fisheries and water quality management, we also perform biological and physical investigations on the Klamath River and tributaries throughout the Klamath River basin. Our goal is to ensure the protection of Yurok Tribal fishing and water rights through restoration of natural populations of tribal trust fish species of the Klamath River basin, including: Chinook salmon, coho salmon, green sturgeon, steelhead, Pacific lamprey, and eulachon.

    Currently our team is working on a number of monitoring and research projects in the Trinity River basin. These efforts include: rotary screw trapping near Willow Creek to monitor populations of outmigrating salmon and steelhead, upper Trinity River salmon redd and carcass surveys, adult and juvenile fish health monitoring, fish habitat assessment at channel rehabilitation sites, tributary spawning surveys, and development of a scientific framework to guide future scientific monitoring of TRRP restoration activities. In addition, the Trinity River Division conducts research to evaluate impacts of Trinity River Hatchery operations on natural production of salmon and steelhead.

Our team members are Senior Fisheries Biologist Tim Hayden, Habitat Restoration Biologist Aaron Martin, Population Biologist Shane Quinn, Geomorphologist Andreas Krause, Biologist Kyle De Juilio, Biologist Nick Davids,  Biologist Nathan Harris, and Fisheries Technicians Axel Erickson,Tim Ulrich, Vinnie McCovey, and Bill Silvia For more information contact Tim Hayden at 530.629 3333 ext. 1704, or email Aaron at


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