Dave Hillemeier
Program Manager

707-482-1350 x.1315

Harvest Management Division

Desma Williams
Senior Fisheries Biologist

707.482.2841 x.230

Lower Klamath Division

Sarah Beesley & Andrew Antonetti
Senior Fisheries Biologists


Trinity River Division

Tim Hayden
Senior Fisheries Biologist

530.625.4130 x.1612

Klamath River Division

Mike Belchik
Senior Biologist

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Yurok Tribe
Klamath Office
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Lower Klamath Division

A primary goal of the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program is to restore habitats in the Lower Klamath Sub-basin to levels that support viable, self-sustaining populations of native anadromous fish.  The role of the Lower Klamath Division is to monitor and assess fisheries populations and their habitats; identify factors currently limiting salmonid production; and integrate past and present data to further develop and implement meaningful and process-based restoration in the Lower Klamath River Sub-basin.  Previous and ongoing monitoring projects include outmigrant trapping in Hunter Creek (1996-2001), Terwer Creek (2001-2005), McGarvey Creek (since 1997) and Blue Creek (since 1995); spawning surveys in Blue Creek (since 1995); regional and single stream juvenile coho salmon abundance surveys; pathology monitoring in the lower river and estuary; and monitoring juvenile salmonid use, prey availability, and water quality of the estuary and its off-channel habitats. Current research and restoration planning projects include the Klamath River Coho Ecology Study and life history monitoring of salmonids in McGarvey Creek.  Stream and riparian restoration projects are currently ongoing in Hunter, Terwer, McGarvey, and Waukell creeks, and staff is revising our sub-basin restoration plan to include mainstem habitats, the estuary, and associated off-estuary habitats.


Our Division is made up of Andrew Antonetti - Fisheries Biologist II, Sarah Beesley - Fisheries Biologist II, Scott Silloway - Fisheries Biologist I, Erica Partee – Fisheries Biologist I, James Ray – Fisheries Biologist I, Aldaron McCovey - Fisheries Restoration Technician III, Gil Calleja - Fisheries Technician II, Dwayne Davis – Fisheries Technician II, Steven Nova Jr. - Fisheries Restoration Technician II, Nick Folkins - Fisheries Technician II, Josh Jimenez - Fisheries Technician I, AJ Webster – Fisheries Survey Lead, Robert Grubbs – Fisheries Technician II


Sara Beesly can be reached at 707.2841 x. 1041

Andrew Antonettie can be reached at 707.2841 x. 1039


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Fisheries biologists hold up a seven foot sturgeon in the Klamath River