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Wetlands Program
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Joe Hostler
Air Quality / Climate Change
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Environmental Health/Pesticides (707) 954-9290 cell
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Yurok Tribe
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PO Box 1027
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Community and Ecosystems Division


Reports and Documents

Yurok ANA Environmental Regulatory Grant Oct 2007 - March 2010:

      YTEP ANA Final Report 2010

      YTEP Environmental Contaminants Booklet (ANA)

      Subsistence Resources

      Yurok Reservation Potentially Contaminated Sites Map (ANA)

      YTEP ANA BROCHURES:Gold Mining Illegal BurningIllegal Dumping

                                        Logging Pesticide

Yurok Tribe Climate Change Prioritization Plan (EPA EJ 2011)


Yurok Tribe EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) 2008-2013:


EPA STAR Yurok Quality Assurance Project Plan

EPA STAR Yurok Tribe Tier 1 Tissue Samping Results Poster

     EPA STAR CRIHB TEC Yurok Tribe Community Health Profile

     EPA STAR Final Contaminants Testing Poster 2013


     EPA STAR Final Yurok Resource Health Report 2013

     EPA STAR Final Report and Appendices 2014

Biz McBeth Phase I ESA (2010)McBeth Phase I ESA (2010)ards Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Report
     MJ Grow Sites SAP 2014
101 Alder Camp Road Phase I ESA
     Requa FAA Site Phase 1 ESA 2005
23 Alder Lane Phase I ESA
     Requa FAA Site Phase 1 ESA Update 2010
Brizards Phase I ESA
     Tire Fire Phase II 2013
Former Mill Site Phase I ESA
     Utilizing TEK to inform Climate Change Priorities Report
Gist Mine Phase I ESA
     Yurok Interim Clean Up Standards 2014
Tully Dump Site Phase I ESA

Former Mill Site Phase II ESA

Yurok Public Outreach Report