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Jessie Short, ET AL, v. The United States


Jessie Short plaintiffs and heirs please click here and give us your information so that we may assist in distributing the remaining funds in the Jessie Short Trust.

Click here for a list of potential payees for whom we are seeking contact information.

Click here to view important documents that have been filed in the Jessie Short matter.

The IRS has issued an official ruling that the Jessie Short Judgments are NOT taxable income. Downlaod here.

The Jessie Short litigation was begun in 1963 by Indian residents of what was then the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation to address disparities in the way that funds derived from natural resources on the Reservation were distributed. Final judgment in the case was reached in 1993, awarding over two thousand primarily Yurok plaintiffs damages and interest. Since that time a slow and cumbersome process of making payment to those prevailing plaintiffs has unfolded. Today, almost 17 years after judgment was reached, many plaintiffs or their heirs remain to be paid moneys owed them under the Judgment. This web page was established to disseminate information about the case as it becomes available and to collect information that will assist the Office of the Tribal Attorney's Probate Specialist, Andrea McCovey, in preparing the Distribution Schedules that are filed with the Court so that all the plaintiffs and heir that have not been paid can receive the money owed them. Please check back regularly as new information will be posted as it becomes available.


Please note that Yurok tribal staff are working very hard to resolve the issues in the Jessie Short and approximately 100 plaintiffs matters and to facilitate payment of all outstanding judgment moneys. The Yurok Tribe, nor any of its staff, have access to any funds and are only able to provide the Court of Federal Claims with payees information to facilitate payment. Any requests for assistance or submissions of information regarding this process must be made in writing so that staff is able to follow up and provide the best possible assistance. The Jessie Short case is very complex and often it takes many hours to an answer. If any payee or individual that believes they are entitled to a payment disagrees with the information used by the Tribe’s staff to make is requests to the Court they are asked to put their concerns in writing and submit it to the Office of the Tribal Attorney.

Please understand that staff are bound by Court order and do not make any determination as to eligibility and it is inappropriate to direct anger about the outcome of the Jessie Short matter at them.

UPDATE March 18, 2011

We have added a Whereabouts Unknown page to the Office of the Tribal Attorney’s Jessie Short website. Please review the names there to see if you or someone you know is included. We are seeking these individuals as they have been identified as potentially eligible to receive payment of Jessie Short Judgment Fund payments. Any information to help us locate these individuals is very appreciated. With your help we can assure that everyone that is owed money in this matter can be paid as early as possible.

UPDATE January 25, 2011

The Office of the Tribal Attorney is asking any information regarding the whereabouts of the following individuals:

Jessie Short Payees Whereabouts Unknown

Nancy Evenson, Plaintiff #0740 born 7/21/1940
Guy Hall , Plaintiff #0740 born 12/8/1961
Alice Matzger, Plaintiff #1249 born 12/29/1939
Lorette Tennison, Plaintiff #1249 born 12/31/1965
Raymond Nance, Plaintiff #1304 born N/A
Frederick Trimble, Jr., Plaintiff #3036 born 5/15/1981
Christine Johannsen, Plaintiff #1288 born 9/23/1950
Harold Johannsen, Plaintiff #1288 born 11/03/1951
David Reece, Jr., Plaintiff #2568 born 2/22/1964
William Burton, Plaintiff #8/22/1944
Robert Alan Mann, Plaintiff #796 born 11/10/1955
Gerald Michael Owen, Plaintiff # 796 born 2/22/1954
Glen Wayne Keisner, Plaintiff #3576 born 8/11/1947
Jennifer Smith, Plaintiff #3576 born 1/25/1985
Frederick Allen Keisner, Plaintiff #3576 born 8/06/1957
Arlys Faye Keisner-Stedman, Plaintiff #3576 born 4/29/1962
Rhonda Dawn Keisner, Plaintiff #2/18/1965

These individuals may be entitled to payment from he Jessie Short Fund and this office has been unsuccessful in locating them. If you are one of them or if you know how they can be reached, please contact this office at 707-482-1350 ex. 304. or 407.

UPDATE January 24, 2011

On January 4, 2011 this office filed with the Court PLAINTIFFS’ REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF THIRTY-EIGHTH DISBURSEMENT OF JUDGMENT MONIES PURSUANT TO ORDER RE DISBURSEMENTS, DEPOSITS AND PAYMENT. We expect a ruling on this Request with the month. You can view the request here.

UPDATE November 30, 2010

The Office of the Tribal Attorney has received confirmation that the checks for payees under the 33rd Distribution have been mailed to payees. Hopefully these have been received by the time of this posting. We are informed that the checks for the 33rd through the 37th Distributions will be mailed by the week of December 6th, 2010.

UPDATE October 28, 2010

Great news!! The Office of the Tribal Attorney was notified this week that all checks authorized by the Court under the 32nd Distribution have been mailed and we have heard from one payee that they have actually received theirs!! We are very excited to be able to make this announcement as these payments have been far too long coming. We hope and believe that the subsequent orders for distribution (the 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th) can all follow shortly behind now that the kinks have been worked out.

UPDATE September 30, 2010

The Office of the Tribal Attorney has begun posting the orders of the Court in the Jessie Short matter so that Plaintiffs and their beneficiaries are able to view them. We will be posting documents as they are released so check back. You can view them here.


Jessie Short, et al v. United States, et al has been designated as an electronic case since December 7, 2009. As of this writing, however, no checks have been mailed to these payees. This delay has been due to the necessity that a new Trust Agreement be signed by the Trustee (CitiBank) and the plaintiffs’ attorneys. This agreement has been negotiated and signed by John W. Corbett, co-counsel for the Plaintiffs. We expect to have an executed Trust Agreement very soon. Shortly thereafter we expect the disbursemt orders to be honored and the checks to begin to be mailed to the payees.

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